Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Zentangle-Style Stamping

Have you tried tangling with your stamps? No, I don't mean getting into a wrestling match with your wood mounts! I'm talking about the Zentangle method of drawing structured patterns.

You may remember when we first showed this technique on our blog a few weeks ago. Michelle Pearson had creatively filled in the upper part of the hot air balloon image from 11255MC Balloon Kitties Clear Set (drawn by artist Maria Woods, also available as 7005J in wood mounted):

"Real Zentangle is done on square tiles," explains Michelle. "You draw a square and then a 'string,' which is some sort of swirly line around in the box, and then tangle each section differently.

"I’m not a real tangler, so I can can do anything I wish! For this one, I just sorta drew my 'string' where the shadow lines fell. I decided to do a tangle design with more black areas in the shadowed areas and a lighter design in the highlighted areas of the pot. The heart was just an afterthought…kinda like a mosaic flower pot!"

"For the quilt [on this next card], I wanted to go for a crazy quilt effect," Michelle continues, "so I just made my quilt squares and tangled in them."

Her quilt pattern really adds pizzazz and provides a unique focal point, which is made with the adorable bulldog image from 11257MC Get Well Pups Clear Set (drawn by artist Maria Woods):

"For the vase [shown below], I just was playing...you can see on my blog post how differently the vases look when I tangle them with different designs," offers Michelle.

She made three Zentangle-style cards, which are all neat, but of course we're biased toward the one that features a lush honeycomb paper flower (made with 11102SC Fabulous Flowers HoneyPOP Clear Set, designed by Michelle herself):
Michelle also designed 11104MC Simple Sentiments Clear Set, which contains the "You add sunshine" saying. The dry embossed background, die-cut greenery, and vintage button (flower center) from her grandma's collection make the perfect finishing touches on this pretty project.

Although I'm not very confident in my own doodling skills, Michelle's cards have piqued my interest in giving this a try. What about you, Inky friends? Have you done it before, or are you thinking you might tangle with your stamps sometime in the near future?


Karen said...

So why didn't I think of that?...LoVe!

Jennifer Scull said...

WOW! I have tried zentangling, and I am horrid at it. but I really appreciate the effort others give to it. these are amazing! :)

Mary-Anne V said...

these look very fun but honestly I have never done it on stamped images...I think I need to just let go and do it!

stamping sue said...

I'm not a zentangler but I have been doodling in notebooks (wish I still had them) since elementary school....now that is quite a while ago. lol! it's fun to doodle. I have done my doodling recently inside stamped image.
stamping sue

Sue D said...

I don't think I would be very good at this but I may give it a try.

Katie said...

Oh my gosh, the vase and flower are so pretty, love this card! Great tangles, and neat ideas too, I would have never thought to tangle the bedsheet for example, but I love it. Great cards!! I have zentangled before on the white squares and using stencils but never with stamps! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Angie said...

Hmmmmm....well, I have to disagree with Michelle, she is a REAL zentagnler! A REALLY AWESOME zentangler!! The designs are stunning!!! Gorgeous cards!

Linda R. said...

Great ideas. I esp. love the quilt.

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, ladies! I agree, Michelle is really talented. It's easy to be intimidated, especially if you're not a doodler like Stamping Sue but rather a pathetic scribbler like me, LOL! (When I taught school, my students used to poke fun at my drawings...they were that bad!)

But I agree with Mary-Anne V...we "need to just let go and do it!" I'll be cheering you on if you decide to try this (for the first time or sixteenth time, doesn't matter). :-)