Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Funnies: Grocery & Restaurant Humor

Our grocery store changed its layout this summer, which caused us to wander around aimlessly at first, as we searched for the new locations of our staple items.

We relied heavily on the overhead signs, which reminded me of this example from a store far, far away, where the placement of certain products might inadvertently raise some eyebrows:

It's possible the snacks carried here could include bags of potato chips that have been labeled by a spatially-challenged manufacturer:

If you explore the aisle containing international/ethnic foods, perhaps you would come across these sweet delights:

Mmm, sand cookies...what could be better? Perhaps washing them down with some delicious Relax Flavored Water:

If you're not in the mood to eat in tonight, you can always head to a restaurant. This one has a special "deal" on their BLTs:

I'm not sure which is the better bargain...the BLT above or these hot dogs:

Of course, pizza is always an option that most people enjoy. Just pick your favorite combination of ingredients. Careful, it could be a trick question:

For dessert, there are so many choices. I'll have the one on the bottom, please:

What will YOU be having for dinner tonight, Inky friends? Bon appetit!

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Sue D said...

Very fun! My favorite is the pizza menu.